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    06 February, 2005

    Prince Harry, Hitler and History again

    Three weeks ago during the Prince Harry Nazi Costume saga I pointed out the paradox that despite Prince Harry's and other young people's ignorance of the Nazis, a head of history in my constituency had pointed out some time ago, that he was having trouble recruiting teachers with a broad background in history who could teach more than the Second World War.

    The Telegraph has pointed out that the the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has confirmed this:

    There continues to be widespread disquiet over what is seen as the gradual
    narrowing and ‘Hitlerisation’ of post-14 history. The option choices made by
    schools and colleges mean that the content of post-14 history continues to be
    dominated by the sixteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century topics, most
    notably the Tudors and the twentieth-century dictatorships. In 2003, 58 per cent of all candidates entered for GCSE history took a modern world history
    specification, which is a rise of nine per cent since the previous year. At AS/A
    level, figures from the three English awarding bodies show high numbers of
    candidates entered for sixteenth century, and modern British and world history options. This narrowing of post-14 history has been roundly criticised, particularly where some schools appear to revisit similar periods of history.

    History is critical to a sense of citizenship: certainly pupils should be taught about the second world war, but they need grounding in their own national histories - and local history, which is also losing out, as the report shows.

    (You have to register for the Telegraph site, but I was having problems with their login today, so I'm not certain it is working).

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