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    08 February, 2005

    So who called it Senedd, then?

    We had our first plenary session in the new Assembly Building yesterday. Behind the scenes, a lot of the conversations focus on why a minority is seeking to impose the name Senedd on the new building.

    No-one has agreed this. There has never been a vote in the Assembly on it. The Welsh Assembly Government doesn't use the term.

    The Assembly, translated into Welsh, is Cynulliad, not Senedd. 'Senedd' just happens to be the name the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru want for the Assembly. This was thrown out by the House of Commons in a Parliamentary vote three weeks ago, with both Labour and the Conservatives voting against it. See David Cornock's comment.

    Confusingly, BBC Wales uses the name Senedd in Welsh language reports to refer to the Houses of Parliament. So does the UK Government's public information site.

    Despite this, the BBC appears to be using the name Senedd for the new building now, although both its Dragon's Eye and Maniffesto programmes have run items pointing out that there is no agreement on this. One of these programmes asked what the Queen would say when she opens the building on March 1st. I wonder who is briefing the Palace?

    We appear to be tip-toeing into a situation where the monolingual Welsh name Senedd is forced upon us by the Welsh establishment.

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