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    23 February, 2005

    Welsh Blog is second in British Blog charts

    The blog A Welsh View has been rated as second in the British blog charts this week. Chwarae teg - fair play - to him.

    On the basis of the hits he's getting, Welsh political blogs have a long way to go to catch him. No surprise there then - it bears out what I said in my first blog six weeks ago.

    I'm not that familiar with A Welsh View as yet, though I will now keep an eye on it. A quick scan suggests he's not too enamoured of politicians' blogging. He has a lot to say on the subject of chavs, who the papers tell us are supposedly into Burberry. Since there is a Burberry factory in my constituency, keep buying it I say.

    There are several other Welsh blogs, including a number in the Welsh language, which help me with my revision for my Welsh lessons. I'll say something about them on another occasion.


    Robert Gale said...

    Thanks for the link to my site. I'm still holding on to that no. 2 spot ;o)

    Leighton Andrews said...


    and I've commented on yours as well.

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