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    22 March, 2005

    Paint his wagon....

    Today we are introducing a new feature to the blog, the "Michael Howard Bandwagon Watch". We're inviting visitors to spot bandwagons Mr Howard or his candidates are boarding, nationally or locally. And you are also invited to send in your predictions as to what bandwagons Mr Howard may chase in the future.

    Submit your predictions at the Labour website.

    Here are the current top ten favourites for his next bandwagon:
    Howard pledges new "ATM bill" to deal with people who take too long getting money out of cashpoints.
    Howard to ban hosepipe bans.
    Howard to double limit on items allowed in "six and under" supermarket queues.
    Howard says Premiership abuse of referees has grown under Labour, and promises a new "Graham Poll" bill.
    Howard pledges to press Channel Four to move The Sopranos to 9pm.
    Howard urges The West Wing to have a Republican President - preferably one who will meet him.
    Howard to outlaw "push polling" - except by the Tories in this campaign.
    Howard calls for royal wedding memorabilia profits to go to charity.
    Howard pledges new bill to force pop stars to sing lyrics clearly.
    Howard pledges streamlining of choice in coffee shops.

    The Daily Mirror launched its own "Get on the Bandwagon" feature today, asking:

    Are foreign grey squirrels raiding your bird feeder?

    "Call Michael now," says the Mirror, "and he'll have a policy to fix your little problem by teatime."

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