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    19 May, 2005

    New Statesman awards

    I am very pleased, and not a little humbled, to have been nominated in the New Statesman's New Media Awards.

    And some real people seem to have nominated me, unlike Peter Black AM, who has nominated himself!


    Peter Black said...

    At least I was open about nominating myself instead of getting members of my party to do it for me.

    Leighton Andrews said...

    I think that's called sour grapes.

    David Taylor said...

    "At least I was open about nominating myself instead of getting members of my party to do it for me."

    Peter, I think the Cardiff City fans who nominated Leighton because of all his hard work will take offence at this thoughtless jibe. Just as they took offence when you called their city "a dump".

    Peter Black said...

    Why?, I was referring to you David!

    David Taylor said...

    Leighton has so far received 15 nominations, including one from me, the vast majority of his nominations are from Cardiff City fans (the city you referred to as "a dump"), showing their appreciation for all his hard work on their behalf during the last few months.

    You have received one nomination, from yourself.

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