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    15 June, 2005

    Snub to Wales as New Statesman ignores most-nominated Political Blog!

    The New Statesman has failed to shortlist the political weblog with the most nominations in its 2005 new media awards. This weblog had more than twice as many nominations as that of Boris Johnson, who had the next most. Some blogs have been shortlisted even though only their owners nominated them!

    This is typical of the middle-class London metropolitan elite! They are interested in flashy gimmicks rather than weblogs that engage people! It’s a snub to Wales! It's almost enough to turn you into an Owain Glyndwr fanatic.

    Well, actually it isn't. It's a crap magazine these days anyway, but thanks to all those who nominated the blog. Their comments are set out below:

    'A true city fan.' Huw Walpole

    'A useful resource.' Jackie Fanning

    'As an avid Cardiff City fan, I'd like to nominate Leighton Andrews for intervening on the funding problems of Cardiff City with letters to and from the club published on the blog attracted significant traffic. The blog also provides regular commentary on Welsh politics and Rhondda issues. The blog is also inovatively used for polls on different issues.' David Taylor

    'Brings human face to Welsh politics' Jacqueline Fanning

    'For fighting for the bluebirds!' Bob Goff

    'Good look Leighton. You deserve to win.' Mike Driscoll

    'Good luck Leighton. You've had a lot of support, you deserve it.' Michael Harper

    'Good on Leighton - Isn't it great to see a politian supporting the fans. Keep up the good work.' Rhiannon Stone

    'Great blog Leighton' Paul Evans

    'Great blog, best political website around.' David Wright

    'Great blog, great bluebirds fan.' Gareth Moore

    'Highly readable; interesting commentary on a range of issues.' Carl Sargeant AM

    'I am nominating Leighton's Blog for the way he has used it to support Cardiff City Football Club and to give fans an opportunity to share views on the Club's future.' Lorraine Barrett

    'Leighton Andrews blog as well as being of interest to politicians has gained a big local profile as the primary website for cardiff city fans looking for intelligent analysis of the shenagians that have been going on at Cardiff City AFC. He has pioneered engagement with the wider electorate through his campaign to uncover what is going on at Cardiff City and demonstrated that politicians are human beings and that the work of AMs is relevant to the concerns of ordinary people.' Dave Collins

    'Leighton Andrews runs a great blogspot that has fuelled national debate in Wales. He was especially influential during the Cardiff City saga when he stuck up for fans, gave them a forum to express their views and was then able to represent fans at shareholder meetings. During the election campaign Leighton started rememberredwood.com - a site dedicated to reminding the people of Wales how dreadful the Tories were and complete with video clip of the national anthem incident. He also initiated a national debate in Wales on the teaching of history in our schools.' Owain Jones

    'Leighton Andrews' blog is the most entertaining and informative of any elected representative I know of. He responds to readers' comments and acts on them. His good-natured feud with the LibDem Peter Black is very funny and he goes beyond simply parroting the party line via the internet.' Richard Watkins

    'Leighton is always accessible and answers queries and deals with problems immediately. He is very approachable and professional.' Helen Evans

    'Leighton's blog epitomises the man - innovative, bold and empathetic.' Mel Lowe

    'mr andrews has campaigned to get the board of cardiff city fc to reveal the extent of their financial problems and their propsed solutions. he has been the only elected representative to do this for what is wales's premier football club.' martyn thomas

    'No other politician has used the web more effectively to communicate with people. Leighton definately deserves to win this award.' Robin Edwards

    'Nominating leighton for what he has done for cardiff city fc' lewis clark

    'Probably the most well-written political blog around.' Louise Marchant

    'The only politician who stuck up for City when times where blue. Invaluable weblog.' Rob Jenkins

    'This blog is not chewing more than it has bitten off. There is information and opinion here that is of practical use to people. Blogging it makes it accessible and adds public value. Crikey it's alot better than Boris Johnson's!' Professor H Fyfe

    'This blog shows promise.' Chris Roberts

    'Top bloke - top blog.' Chris Herbert

    'Used his blog to talk to fans about the troubles facing Cardiff City FC. Fought for the fans and posted all correspondence on the blog for us to view and comment on.' Rob Jones

    'Used the blog to communicate with fans. He compiled his letter to the club based on the comments posted on the blog by the fans. If only Man Utd had a Leighton Andrews.' Karl Davies

    'What has Boris's blog every achieved? I susupect people are just voting for him because of his celebrity status. Leighton's blog has actually helped real people.' Joe Green

    'Witty, sharp and very readable. A highly respected and very astute political operator.' John O'Neil

    Other nominators included:

    Syriah Jones
    Ceri Ceaser
    Rob Pride
    Ron Edwards
    Lynn Glaister
    Rob Ball


    David said...

    Irony's so hard to do on the web, don't you think?

    Bloggers4Labour said...

    To be honest I'd rather forgotten that we (at B4L) had nominated ourselves for those awards. There's so many sites to choose from anyway.

    Leighton Andrews said...

    I'm happy with the nominations, personally

    Owain Jones said...

    I cancelled by subscription for the New Statesman some time ago. It really has gone downhill.

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