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    07 July, 2005

    In solidarity with London

    We've been watching the news all morning. I eventually got through to my brother who was in his flat in Bloomsbury, down the road from Tavistock Square, and he's fine. Also spoken to some friends. This time last week I was back in London on a few day's holiday. I lived and/or worked there during the eighties until the mid-nineties of course, and continued to work there until 2002 during the week while living in Cardiff the rest of the week. I remember how eerie it was in London on the night of September 11 2001.

    Londoners - everyone who lives in London, I mean - will not let this stop them going about their normal business. In the 80s and early 90s we had occasional IRA bombs - usually, of course, there were warnings with those, but not always. There was a period I lived outside London but worked in London, and I can remember arriving in Victoria, getting to the office then finding an IRA bomb had gone off shortly after where I had been, which prompted calls from friends.

    Norm has a good summary of the news. The Guardian is carrying people's accounts. The BBC has eyewitness accounts, and a reporters' log.

    Jo Salmon has a round-up of the international coverage.

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