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    07 July, 2005

    London: don't blame Iraq, and other stuff

    Christopher Hitchens in Slate strongly reinforces the point that Iraq is not the issue here:

    The first British citizens to be killed in Afghanistan were fighting for the Taliban, which is proof in itself that the Iraq war is not the original motivating force. Last year, two British Muslims pulled off a suicide attack at an Israeli beach resort.

    However, I don't agree with all his points in relation to the Muslim community and, for example, the proposed law on religious discrimination.

    The reaction of the stock markets to terrorist attacks is also examined by Slate, with the following conclusion:

    But it seems that the knowledge of what happened in the markets after Sept. 11 may be playing a role in making the market reaction to the attacks of July 7 calmer and less dislocating.

    My comrade, Ian Lucas MP, has reported on the 'incredible calm' he found while trapped on the tube.

    The Times recalls terrorist attacks in London going back 25 years.

    The WSJ has a good summary of bloggers responses, and so does The Times.

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