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    10 July, 2005

    REM/Stipe dedicate 'Everybody Hurts'

    Playing Cardiff tonight, Michael Stipe dedicated Everybody Hurts to the victims of the London bombings and their families.

    OK, some may say this was an obvious thing to do. But there is scarcely a more appropriate song to act as the dedication. REM play London at the end of the week.

    They rocked tonight. New songs, old stuff, and 35,000 people joining in.

    Michael Stipe came back on to do Imitation of Life as the first encore, wearing a Welsh rugby shirt with Stipe 1 on the back. One of the band was drinking Brains SA, and said he thought 'Wales was strong on the organic stuff'.

    One of the best gigs I have ever seen.

    Of course, these days it's always reassuring when the lead singer is roughly your own age.

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