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    09 June, 2006

    Play golf for Men's Cancer

    I have been contacted by a group of people organising a golf tournament at Penrhys Golf Club in aid of prostate and testicular cancer. Mark Jones, one of the organisers, writes:

    After a very successful day last year that raised over £5000, we are hoping for an even greater turn out at this year's event.

    Once again Costain will be the main sponsors of the event, with many other local companies advertising in the programme and sponsoring holes etc.

    Initial reaction had been excellent so if you would like to participate in this years event you will need to get your team in early.

    Invitations have been sent out to last years teams but there are lots of spaces available at the moment if you would like to play.

    There are lots of very good prizes to play for including fourballs at the Vale of Glamorgan Golf Club along with over £1000 of golf equipment.

    In the evening there will be a presentation, buffet and live entertainment at the golf club to which players may can bring there guests for £5 each.

    If you would like to enter please contact either Chris Williams 0786

    6579792 , Howard Goddard 0771 7173424 or Mark Jones 07961 043084

    Also involved in organising the event is Sue Waters. Sue has worked extremely hard to raise awareness of Prostate & Testicular Cancer including presentations to the Assembly and meeting Tony Blair at No.10. Her work is now being pushed forward by the National Health Service who are setting up clinics around Wales.

    My friend and colleague Carl Sargeant AM raised these issues in the Assembly Chamber this week:

    Q3 Carl Sargeant: Will the First Minister make a statement on what the Welsh Assembly Government is doing to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancers? OAQ1617(FM)

    The First Minister: Tackling cancer is one of our top health priorities and I am pleased that you have asked this question, because it helps us to highlight the fact that Cancer Research UK is running a cancer awareness week this month, with a particular emphasis on prostrate and testicular cancers. I commend Gavin Henson, Matthew Stevens and the other sports stars who have participated in the campaign to raise awareness of these issues.

    Carl Sargeant: ‘Check Your Balls’ is a nationwide campaign, and every man should be aware of it. Sixty per cent of men still do not know the signs of prostrate cancer, and 37 per cent do not know the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer. Research suggests that cancer survival is lower in more deprived communities, and Cancer Research UK Cymru suggests that the causes may lie in the delay of diagnosis and treatment and poorer general health. What is the Assembly Government doing to ensure that information about prostate and testicular cancer reaches men in deprived communities in particular?

    The First Minister: Going well beyond the campaign that I mentioned—and I commend Gavin Henson, Matthew Stevens, David James and Colin Montgomery, four of the major sport stars who are participating in that particular campaign—we launched a campaign a couple of years ago, and we are currently reviewing its effectiveness; you will have seen it in male toilets throughout this Assembly building, and in many other public toilets also. We are carrying out a review of the effectiveness of those cancer awareness campaigns, which is expected to take about six months to complete.

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