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    14 July, 2006

    Letter by brother of 7/7 Victim

    There is a very wise and sobering letter from the brother of one of the victims of the 7/7 London bombings in today's South Wales Echo, which deserves attention beyond Wales, and I am therefore reproducing it in its entirety below:

    My sister was murdered by Khan, not Blair

    I am not in the habit of writing to newspapers, but I could not let John Hall's comments (Echo, July 8) pass without some response.

    So he believes that Tony Blair carries the blame for the July 7 bombings, does he?

    Well, perhaps he, like so many others, has some responsibility that led to this particular Al-Qaeda attack - one of a series of attacks on various countries, including Muslim ones, that began in 1992 - long before the Iraq war.

    But as the brother of one of the 52 victims, I know who to blame: Mohammad Sidique Khan - the man who murdered my sister, as well as his three conspirators and whoever aided and inspired their attack upon innocent commuters.

    We can all have our views on Government policies.

    But each one of us bears sole responsibility for how we respond to them.

    Blaming Tony Blair for Khan and his accomplices' actions lets those who would murder and maim the innocent off the hook.

    Murder is never a legitimate response to government policy and those who would use the 7/7 attacks as a means to justify their own opposition to the Iraq war can only give comfort to people who - as one of the bombers, Shehzad Tanweer, said - 'love death'.

    Robert Webb

    Heath, Cardiff

    Rhondda TV
    The Labour Party

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