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    11 August, 2006

    Eye Infections

    The outbreak of conjunctivitis identified by the Rhondda Leader, affecting 46 people in the Rhondda Fach and Pontypridd areas, earlier in the week has now been noticed by the BBC.

    The National Public Health Service gives this advice:

    People with viral conjunctivitis should take great care to avoid passing it on to others, as it is extremely infectious.

    This means:
    • Use separate towels and flannels for all family members,
    • Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching your hands or face,
    • Avoid sharing beds, and baths,
    • Do not use swimming pools or paddling pools,
    • Do not send affected children to playgroups, childminders, holiday play schemes or other childcare settings where they may infect other children,
    • Do not take affected children on visits other people’s houses, or allow them to have visitors at home,
    • Do not share eye make up or eye dropper bottles.

    All of the above precautions should be observed for two weeks (fourteen days) after the infection started.

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