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    06 October, 2006

    Tories, Plaid and Libs in coalition talks

    Welsh Tory Leader Nick Bourne has given the game away. The Tories, Plaid and the Liberal Democrats are planning a coalition after the 2007 elections if they get the seats.

    We have said all along that anything other than a vote for Labour is a vote for a Tory-led coalition.

    Nick Bourne has now confirmed this.

    There will be some wriggling on the Plaid and Lib Dem benches over this revelation from some of their members who would probably rather swallow sulphuric acid than admit they will sit with the Tories.

    Welsh Labour has said explicitly that we will not go into coalition with the Tories. Neither Plaid nor the Lib Dems will say this.

    Vote Labour, get Labour. Vote Tory, get Tory. Vote Plaid, get Tory. Vote Lib Dem, get Tory.

    Don't let the Tories in through the back door.

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