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    01 November, 2006

    Ole', Elfyn!

    David Cornock has blogged that Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary Leader Elfyn Llwyd was on his hols on a trip to Spain the day of his party's Iraq Inquiry debate in the Commons yesterday:

    Plaid Cymru's own parliamentary leader didn't make it for the only day of the year when the party can dictate the Commons agenda.

    Elfyn Llwyd was in Madrid for meetings to discuss devolution and corporation tax with José María Pérez Medina and Mónica Melle.

    They are respectively the Spanish government's deputy director general for general relations with the regions and the deputy director general for regional economic analysis.

    Mr Llwyd's fellow Plaid Cymru MPs are understood to be rather underwhelmed by his absence on their biggest day of the parliamentary year.

    Adios, Elfyn.

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