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    20 December, 2006

    Tomos misses the point

    Tom Livingstone is one of Wales's shrewdest political reporters, and he's said nice things about the Burberry campaign, so I want to start by saying it's not like him to miss the point:

    Senior figures in Labour are happy enough that they can concentrate on firing their guns at the Conservatives from now on; Labour AMs defending seats where Plaid are the second party, however, are a good deal less than impressed.

    The point is that precisely because the Tories are the danger at next year's Assembly elections, we need anti-Tory voters to be under no illusions in Labour-Tory marginals that a vote for anyone other than Labour could let the Tories in. Therefore, vote Labour, get Labour: vote Plaid or Lib Dem and you help the Tories. Helping Plaid to appear distanced from the Tories, when the fact is that they vote regularly with them in the Assembly, is no help to any of our candidates in Labour-Tory marginals.

    I will return to the budget debate in due course.

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