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    14 February, 2007

    Burberry's chairman should read this

    Telegraph business editor Jeff Randall says it's better to lose money than to lose your reputation:

    Gary Davies, Manchester Business School's Professor of Corporate Reputation, offers this tip: "If you want to know what your corporate reputation is likely to be worth in the future, measure what your employees think of you today."

    Too few companies, it seems, prepare for prevention of reputational damage, concentrating instead on how to respond once a crisis has occurred. Even then, when the heat is on, many fluff their lines.

    Creating an enviable reputation is, says Prof Davies, "about living positive values internally, not simply promoting a brand externally."

    In other words, there's a world of difference between public relations and reputation management. It's form versus substance.

    Burberry's reputational damage has been extensive following its decision to close Treorchy. And it's not over yet.

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