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    06 March, 2007

    Decline of the Labour Editor updated

    Peter Wilby had an interesting piece yesterday in the Guardian about the decline of the Labour Editor, on the basis that the last surviving Labour Editor, Barrie Clement of the Indie, may be retiring.

    I don't know if Barrie is going, but I'd like to use this opportunity to thank him for his support for the Burberry campaign. he was the first UK newspaper journalist to write a serious story about the campaign, and he did so before Ioan Gruffudd came on board.

    Barrie is from South Wales originally, and we met him down here to discuss the campaign. He's given regular coverage since, most lately yesterday.

    Tom Livingstone tells me not to forget Alan Jones PA's Industrial Correspondent - as if I could, he's also been a great help - and he's Welsh too!

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