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    30 March, 2007

    Treorchy swings to Labour

    Congratulations to Labour councillor Gordon Lewis who won the Treorchy RCT Council by-election last night.

    Rhondda Plaid Cymru had called the by-election early, rather than hold it on the same day as the Assembly elections, in a bid to boost their vote – a move which cost RCT tax-payers an additional £6000.

    Last night we took the seat with a 9.5% swing from Plaid, with Labour’s candidate Gordon Lewis getting over 50% of the vote, a clear majority over both Plaid and the Conservatives.

    The result – on a 37% turnout - was:

    Gordon Lewis (Labour) 1139

    Robert Knape (Plaid) 849

    David Anstee (Con) 161

    Based on the movement of votes from the 2004 council election results, this is a swing of 9.5% from Plaid to Labour. Plaid's vote is down 40%.

    Treorchy has turned to Labour following a strong campaign by Gordon which focussed on local issues. This is a devastating result for Plaid Cymru. Yet again they have been shown to be out of touch with public opinion in the Rhondda. Their vote in the Valleys is in free-fall.

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    The Labour Party

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