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    25 April, 2007

    BBC Baloney

    In case there is any doubt, there is nothing in the BBC story that Welsh Labour is contemplating a deal with Plaid after May 3rd.

    Rhodri has put out this statement this morning:

    This story is rubbish from start to finish. A formal complaint is being
    made to BBC Wales about their decision to run such a story at such a
    critical point in the election, despite the story being comprehensively
    denied by Welsh Labour official sources.

    Neither I nor anyone else acting with my authority has been engaged in any
    such considerations or discussions. The obsession of the media and the
    minor parties is with coalition speculation. As previously stated on scores
    of occasions, Welsh Labour is aiming to form a government based on a
    mandate from the people of Wales.

    The key dividing line in this election is that the other parties can only
    form a coalition government. Welsh Labour can form a government based on a
    proper mandate from the people of Wales. That is what we are seeking. We
    are certainly not going to be knocked of course by baseless media

    In other words, the BBC may have found someone in the Labour Party to say what the BBC is reporting - but they are certainly not anyone with any authority to say anything about Welsh Labour strategy pre- or post-election. There are no deals. The choice at this election is Welsh Labour or a Tory-led coalition.

    Update: Peter Hain's take on this is on his blog.

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