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    21 April, 2007

    Good Morning Wales at it again

    Speaking last week at the Cyfrwng conference, I said that Good Morning Wales on BBC Radio Wales had a default narrative which went something like this: here's a problem; it'll cost money to solve it; therefore the government should spend money on it.

    So, here we go: today's example of the Good Morning Wales default narrative is:

    - Welsh Labour has set a target to eradicate child poverty in Wales

    - But there's a problem. Barnardo's Cymru says the Assembly Government can't do it on its own

    - It'll cost money

    - the UK Government should spend more money on it.

    There's another BBC Wales default narrative as well. It goes like this:

    - Here's a problem

    - Here's someone with a pet solution

    - This is easy to solve, if only those fools down Cardiff bay would get on with it.

    There is never a context with BBC Wales: that not all problems are simple to resolve; that policy proposals aren't necessarily levers that lead to automatic actions; that choices have to be made over spending patterns; that if you spend money on one thing, you don't have money to spend on others.

    Nor does BBC Wales ever challenge the interests of professional bodies arguing for more money for their members/specialism, which too often may mean money being switched from other objectives - for example, fighting child poverty.

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