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    22 June, 2007

    For the sake of clarity

    In response to a phone-call and a direct question from the Western Mail yesterday I gave the following quote:
    It has been widely known since the election that my preference has been for an agreement with the Liberal Democrats.

    Over the weekend the Liberal Democrat leader appeared to state that he would only reopen talks with Labour if Plaid Cymru confirmed that the so-called rainbow coalition was off.

    Clearly the only circumstance in which Plaid Cymru are likely to reach that conclusion is if they finalise a deal with Labour, in which case renewed talks between Labour and the Liberal Democrats would be too late. Therefore at this moment the only two options appear to be a formal arrangement with Plaid Cymru or Opposition.

    We are in a new political situation in Wales which will require Labour to work constructively and in co-operation with others in government. I believe that the people of Wales will expect Labour, as the largest party, to lead any new government and I am committed to help achieve that goal and deliver our manifesto commitments.

    I have argued strongly for a special Labour conference, so that our constituency and trade union members in Wales can take the final decision, and I am pleased that this is happening.
    I have no more to say on this subject at the present time. As I said six weeks ago, I am not going to give a running commentary on negotiations.

    1 comment:

    Anna said...

    So you personally are still open to discussions with the Liberal Democrats?
    Good luck to you. It would never last long as they will be off as soon as snap election is called and Labour would be back at zero again.

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