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    12 December, 2007

    More on the Treorchy Male Choir

    Dean Powell, Publicity Officer of the Treorchy Male Choir writes:

    Hello everyone

    Believe it or not our boys are heading for a Christmas No. 1!
    Treorchy Male Choir's new single, Faraway Place was released yesterday. The video (link below) has been named Video of the Week on the Classic FM website. It was written by Adrian Munsey (who launched Elton John's career), Jeff Chegwyn (Keith's brother) and Paul Bateman (Sarah Brightman's producer).

    Its already had a fair bit of air play on Aled Jones, David Jacobs and Sarah Kennedy (BBC Radio 2) and loads of coverage on BBC Radio Wales. Here it is.

    Ladbrokes the bookmakers have put us at 33-1 for a Christmas No.1. We're
    currently on par with the Spice Girls and Kylie Minogue. Take That and the
    X-Factor winner have the best odds though.

    I know its a long shot, but if you fancy investing £3 in a Treorchy Male Choir single - you could help make the difference of whether we enter the top ten or not. The cd is available from HMV and Amazon along with other record sellers.

    It would be great to show the world that Welsh male voice choirs (who are
    generally ignored, laughed at and considered old-man institutions from a dim and
    distant past) are still drawing in the crowds. Sell out tours of Australia, USA
    and Canada in recent years are testimony to the that....!

    Musical tastes have changed, but after 125 years,
    we're still packing out the concert halls.

    Cheers all

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