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    03 January, 2008

    I hate Windows Vista

    We bought a new home computer in September. I wish we'd bought one a few months earlier, before they all came installed with Windows Vista. I have taken all the steps I can find recommended on the Internet to speed it up, but it still has the habit of switching itself off - particularly in the middle of using Microsoft Word. Ihate the new MS Word interfaces too, and having to remember to save the document in an earlier version so I can read it on other computers.

    Any ideas, you bloggers out there?


    Normal Mouth said...

    I suppose "get a Mac" would be regarded as facetious advice?

    Alternatively, you can downgrade to XP.

    Leighton Andrews said...

    No, just unhelpful....

    Anonymous said...

    May be you have a rogue copy I am having no problems with Vista.Contact who ever supplied you computer and ask them for another copy.
    Or as NM said , format and relaod XP, I still have that on my laptop and its just as good as Vista, in fact I prefer it.

    Activist said...

    Vista is still immature and a particular problem with peripherals. All you can do is make sure you get all the updates released so far (there are many)from the microsoft website. The switching off maybe the 'sleep' setting and worth checking.

    If you have Word 2007 it is a total change of interface and a total pain. When it is finally distributed broadly in business/public service there will be a huge retraining cost (possibly why ms did it!). Best to permenantly set save to 2003 version.

    If it is any compensation you are not alone in your frustration!

    John Wheatcroft - Computer Solutions - Warks said...

    You could get an XP SP2 disk and install that, after having first saved what you want from your machine onto say a memory stick, format your hard drive and install XP - much better.

    You do not have to buy a pre-installed machine you know, get a techie to build you a proper one. I have been running my company here in Warwickshire for 20 years, doing exactly that.

    I would not touch vista (note: no capital "v" in vista), with a normal bargepole, let alone a sterile one.

    Anonymous said...

    Windows VISTA constantly disconnects me from the INTERNET..about every 10 minutes.

    I have to "Diagnose and Repair"...which always asks me to "reset my network adaptor."

    I have 2 other computers plugged into the SAME NETWORK...and I never have to do that for them.

    Anonymous said...

    A few years back, Uncle Bill declared that I would create a SYSOP that could be operated even by idiots.

    I did not believe in him, but he made it.

    You have to be an idiot in order to use Windows/Vista.

    The product is the biggest piece of garbage ever created by Micro$oft. Uncle Bill should pay us to use it... not charge.

    Why I don't go back to XP? My HP Pavilliondv600 cannot support it.

    Nelson Varga
    Rio de Janeiro Brasil.

    James said...

    I'm with you, I hate vista. I bought my daughter a new dell laptop last year and it came with vista pre installed. The problem is, sometimes (read often), it just won't complete it's boot up. It just stops booting before it gets to the desktop forcing me to do a hard shutdown and rebooting multiple times until it finally goes all the way to the desktop. I'm in the process right now of reformatting and installing XP Pro, which I have on 3 other computer in my home. No problems at all with those machines.

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