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    19 March, 2008

    Breaking News: Judge rejects Langston demand

    BBC Wales has just confirmed that the High Court judge has ruled that Cardiff City does have a defence and therefore he has rejected Langston's demand for a summary judgement.

    Good news for the rest of the season - no administration.


    Nick H said...

    Blimey, you don't hang around with your breaking news, do you? If the politics doesn't pan out, have you ever thought of a job at the BBC? Oh hang on, once bitten, twice shy...

    Good news though. Now for Trundle on Saturday and then Wem-ber-ley.....

    Martin Eaglestone said...

    Phew !

    Distraction free for big Wembley show down !!!

    Please do us a favour against BC first this weekend.

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