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    29 April, 2008

    Plaid hides Price and Evans

    Perhaps it's no surprise that Plaid Cymru's peculiar Party Political Broadcast last night failed to feature Adam Price MP or their MEP Jill Evans. Plaid must be embarrassed by their latest outbursts.

    Price's remarks that Plaid would be prepared to do a deal with the Tories at Westminster after the next General Election has caused a backlash against the nationalists in the Valleys where Tories are scarcely seen.

    His remarks are almost as embarrassing for Plaid Cymru as Jill Evans attacking the thousands of jobs set to come to South Wales at St Athan. Many of my Rhondda constituents have worked at St Athan and the new Defence Training Academy which Jill Evans rejects will offer them real job opportunities. It has been estimated by assembly government ministers that the development will bring 5,000 jobs to the area.

    Rhodri Morgan was right to say:

    "We have worked very hard to win this project for Wales against severe competition from the West Midlands and elsewhere. The Defence Training Academy will involve activities which are far less military in character, since the academy will involve teaching skills such as engineering, electronics, and IT - all equally as valuable in civilian life after they have left the armed forces as they will be for maintaining military equipment."


    Hen Ferchetan said...

    Adam Price made his comments about two weeks after Plaid's PPB was first broadcasted - what are you suggesting they did, airbrush him out and brainwash us all to forget he was in it?

    Leighton Andrews said...

    Didn't know that when I posted the comment - but the real point is that these two Plaid politicians have managed to make statements that are embarrassing to their party in election week.

    Hen Ferchetan said...

    Hasn't Jill EVans been saying that for months though? While I may not agree with her, I'd have been disgusted if a politician had stayed silent on an issue she cares very much for (having been such a prominent pacifist) just because it's election time.

    As for Adam Price's comments, Plaid said the same before the Assembly elections didn't they, hardly hurt them then.

    I'll agree with you in oneplace though, Plaid's PPB was certaintly peculiar! (was even worse than Labour's !Lousy Libs" one!)

    Ian said...

    So what did you say to cost so many seats, then?

    Leighton Andrews said...

    I doubt you're pleased with Plaid's losses in the Swansea seat you stood in, Ian.

    Ian said...

    I' m not at all happy, but these were previously Labour seats that you didn't manage to win either, after a particularly dirty fight from your candidates.
    The interesting question is whether this really does mark a seachange in Welsh politics, or just a fling with alternatives before Labour supporters return to the fold. I am genuinely unsure on this and would expect Labour to at least do no worse in four years. However, that might be down to who is leading them in Wales after Rhodri. Any ambitions in this area, Leighton?

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