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    15 May, 2008

    Job Match Launch

    Later this morning I will be launching the Heads of the Valleys Job Match scheme. Some initial coverage is here from the Western Mail, and here from the BBC.

    The scheme is based n a successfu pilot in Blaenau Gwent where 1,300 people were helped back to work iand 70% were still in work a year later.

    It is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government jointly with the Department of Work and Pensions and with Working Links.


    Amanda Orrell said...

    Mr Andrews,
    As co ordinator, I am writing a response from Cwmaman Communities First Partnership to the announcement of the exetension of the Jobmatch programme which I read about in this morning's western Mail & on your Blog. The announcement is good news for areas such as our where worklessness is a key issue. Last month the Partnership in Cwmaman gave consideration to the Com Next Consulation & have taken on board that they are expected to make a "significant contribution" towards tackling issues such as Child Poverty & Entrprise. This month they have considered the Annual Monitoring report & set targets for this finanacial year. My comment regarding the announcement is to ask whether it is possible to communicate more effectively to the on the ground Patnerships in Communities First, what WAG is doing to support their work? The expectations on the Partnerships are clearly high & I reassurance that WAG values those efforts important. Being invited to a launch event of a programme or sent a press realease (when appropriate) would make a Parnership feel valued and informed & would get the message across of the godd work that WAG is doing to introduce & bend programmes.
    Amanda orrell, on behalf of Cwmaman Communities First

    Leighton Andrews said...

    Thanks Amanda. I will discuss this with officials as I did not see the full invitation list to the event. It was a Heads of the Valleys programme event specifically, rather than a Communities First programme event, of course, but I understand the point you are making.

    If you email me at leighton.andrews (AT) wales.gsi.gov.uk I will make sure you get a full reply.

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