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    12 June, 2008

    Dafydd El Presidente

    I forgot to post this, from last week's Assembly proceedings:

    The Presiding Officer: Order. That was not guidance; it was a ruling. The reason for the ruling, which I have stuck to throughout my period of presidency so far, is to ensure the independence of local government. Ministers can answer questions on their relationship with local authorities, but we should not be second-guessing what local authorities do any more than MPs in Westminster should try to second-guess what we do........

    ......Leighton Andrews: Llywydd, or perhaps I should say 'El Presidente’—[Laughter.]

    The Presiding Officer: Order. For the avoidance of doubt, I meant to say 'during my presiding period’. The Welsh word Llywyddu covers both.

    Leighton Andrews: And 'El Presidente’ is a translation of Llywydd into Spanish, I think.

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