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    09 January, 2009

    And it goes on

    100 homes in Maerdy out of water today because of a burst pipe. Welsh Water are distributing bottled water.


    a sad RCT resident said...

    pity about the vandals detroying bowsers and attacking various water distribution points
    Also I hear plenty of bottled water for sale cheap. Whe will they learn

    Leighton Andrews said...

    A couple of bowsers were taken according to Welsh Water, though I don't know where in the Rhondda this happened, and there was some vandalism. Most people though of course were very responsible and neighbourly.

    I haven't heard any stopries of bottled water received from Welsh Water then being sold.

    Anonymous said...

    Its 7pm on Sunday 12th Jan 09 and the water is off again. welsh Water cant put this down to burst pipes.

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