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    07 January, 2009

    Water Situation in the Rhondda Fach 2 updated

    I have been in Maerdy and Ferndale this morning. I visited Welsh Water's Maerdy Treatment Centre with representatives of Welsh Water. I met local residents who have been without water since yesterday. I also visited a local business that had been affected by the problems. I took a Welsh Water representative to the business, Avon Engineered Rubber, so that a solution could be found to get the factory working again. I understand that the water supply has now been reconnected and the 6 o'clock shift should be able to work there tonight.

    Welsh Water tell me they are hopeful that by this evening most properties in the Rhondda Fach should see their water flowing again though there may be some around Ferndale on hillier areas with problems.

    Welsh Water tell me that they will have the tankers running throughout and there will be bottled water for elderly and vulnerable people who need it. Obviously they also need to keep the water bowsers replenished.

    I have spoken with the Chief Eexecutive and the Operations Director of Welsh Water who have had staff working throughout the night in order to improve supplies as soon as possible. Obviously a lot of activity has been going on since last night. Welsh Water tell me the situation they are facing is virtually unprecedented. I have discussed with them what might be done if similar circumstances arise in future.


    Anonymous said...

    whilst I understand that the weather has been unprecedented there has been little to no information flowing in the area about the lack of supply unless you rang dwr cymru yourself, although a water point was set up in the blaenllechau area it was empty within no time and today I personally rang the water company at 9.30 and 1400 to inform them of the fact that the water container was empty,
    they failed to understand the logistics involved if one had to travel to even taff st in ferndale to get water apart from the fact what you were going to carry it in.
    dwr cymru should have issued jerry cans or some large container to put water into. as at 1800 today 07jan we are still without any supply at all

    Anonymous said...

    I just think it's a pity that we have to find out these things trough word of mouth. Other than different stories on every news channel, we are left to "guess" what is happening. I think we are owed a decent explanation i.e a letter through the post.

    Leighton Andrews said...

    I symoathise with what you say and I have taken up these issues. I understand that there will be a letter to customers.

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