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    31 January, 2009

    Welsh Labour debate

    My Labourlist article seems to have created a mini-debate on the future direction of Welsh Labour, with an argument against it by two party members in the Western Mail today.

    However, they seem to have overlooked the fact that everything I cited in support of my case in my article is the policy of Rhodri Morgan's Welsh Labour-led government - policies we are actively pursuing in fact, as I have said in many Ministerial speeches such as this one.

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    One Wales said...


    I am getting a bit lost following what your case is. Firstly you indicate 'Labour needs a debate' strongly implying things need to change. Now you are saying you are simply promoting Rhodri Morgan's existing policies. Unless I misunderstand it Rhodri Morgan is not proposing to extend PPPs, Social Enterpise or Mutuals into areas currently funded and provided by government be it at Welsh or Local level. If you believe this is the case, then this was not stated in the 'One Wales' agreement and there will be a major fracture with the Trade Unions and other elements of the genuine left.

    What the government is committed to in the 'One Wales' agreement and fully supported by the left is using cooperative type models to drive back private sector provision in areas like nursing homes.

    You must clarify Leighton. Are you proposing to extend PPP and social enterprise models into areas currently provided directly by local and national government? If so are you arguing this is current Welsh Assembly Government Policy or the policy you would wish to see a new leader adopt?

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