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    25 June, 2005

    Assembly Building

    The new Assembly Building is getting there.


    David said...

    At what price?

    Peter Black said...

    At a justifiable price for a building of this significance! It will be the centre of Welsh Government and democracy as well as a showpiece from which we can promote Wales as a place to do business.

    David said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    David said...

    Was the price justifiable at both its initial budget cost of £10 million and at its final, fantasticaly over budget cost of £67 million?

    What final cost over budget would not be justifiable in your view?

    David said...

    'The competition set out a functional specification for the building, and a price limit of £12 million including fees'.

    The future of the new £23m Welsh Assembly building was thrown into turmoil after the project was put on hold

    The bill for the controversial structure in Cardiff Bay is set to reach almost £60 million

    Details of the latest costs were provided by Labour's Finance Minister Sue Essex - and include a VAT bill of more than £7 million, plans to spend £6.7 million on computer equipment and another £1.6 million on furniture.


    So, when I, as a voter and taxpayer, express a little concern about the way the project costs have soared, I wonder if all elected members of the Assembly think it worth glossing over and telling me it's justifiable no matter what the expense and now matter how badly the project's been handled?

    Leighton Andrews said...

    The building costs have changed partly because of increased security since 9/11. You are entitled to moan about it, but only the Tories in Wales and Peter Law voted against it when the vote was held in 2003, after I was elected, by which time a lot of money had already been spent, and more money would have had to be committed to compensation if the contract was cancelled. See my speech in the Assembly.

    David said...

    So what proportion of the additional £50 million, do you think, is attributable to 'increased security'? Any idea?

    David said...

    Security : £2.6 million

    According to this document:


    which seems to have been released under the FOI, the additional cost for extra security provision was £2,600,000.

    So that's the security you mention. What accounts for the other £48 million extra.

    Call it a moan if that's how you wish to deal with quite reasonable concerns about what looks like serious project mismanagement and complacency. But what's the answer?

    David said...

    History of costs posted at:


    feel free to comment

    Anonymous said...

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