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    16 June, 2005

    From Blogger to Typepad

    I'm thinking of switching to Typepad. Anyone else done this and have any advice about how best to link from the old blog to the new to avoid losing traffic?


    Jo said...

    I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress which went fairly smoothly.

    No matter which platform you decide to move to, I'd say keep your old url and let people know where you've gone (see josalmon.blogspot.com

    If I were you, I would get whoever administers your website to create a folder on there for your blog so it would be www.leightonandrews.net/blog - or even have your blog as the front page.

    David said...

    I'd second Jo and go for Wordpress. Get your own domain and stick with it. Use meaningful, cruft-free URLs

    Leighton Andrews said...

    Thanks for that. Now, can either of you say why -in simple terms, bearing in mind I thought 'cruft' was a dog-show - you prefer Typepad to Wordpress? ie what features it gives you etc? We're getting our own urls sorted anyway. Whether they are cruft-free, I don't know!

    Jo said...

    I've never used Typepad as you have to pay for it - WordPress does more or less everything that Typepad does but does it for free.

    For more info on my views about WordPress vs Blogger go to:


    As for cruft-free urls - take a look at the link above.

    If I had written that post in blogger, it would have .html at the end.


    David said...

    Well, typepad's the paid-for hosting arrangement using Six Apart's Perl-based software. It's very good, the company's well-respected. You get Six Apart's proprietory software on Six Apart's hosting offer.

    A while back, Six Apart upset some people with a less-than-fantastic offer for version 3 of Moveable Type. And Moveable Type isn't Open Source but Wordpress is.

    Wordpress has a big developer community behind it. And Mark Pilgrim claimed:

    Movable Type is a dead end. In the long run, the utility of all non-Free software approaches zero. All non-Free software is a dead end.

    Wordpress uses PHP for the programming and MySQL for the database, which I like.

    Cruft-free URLs, in your context, means that if you write something on the 16th June 2005 about the Welsh Assembly I will always be able to browse to it with a URL like:

    www.leightonandrews.com / 2005 / 06 / 16 / welsh-assembly

    wherever you park your blog in future and whatever software you used (no '.html' or '.php' file suffixes, no ?p=23&rt=34 sort of stuff after the plain URL).

    If you're thinking of making it bilingual, you might want to have a URL structure like:

    www.leightonandrews.com / en /2005 / 06 / 16 / welsh-assembly

    Leighton Andrews said...

    Thanks again, both. Things to chew over.

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