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    09 June, 2005

    Relief Road starts!

    Assembly Economic Development Minister Andrew Davies AM was in the Rhondda today to start the construction of the Porth Rhondda Fach Relief Road. This is a major Assembly-funded development, to be carried out by RCT Council, which will ease congestion on the roads, help commuters working outside the Rhondda and make it easier for businesses in the Rhondda. At £80 million, it is the largest local authority road project in the UK this year.


    Anonymous said...

    This relief road is being built upon the disused railway line that runs thru the valley. If the government is truly in favour of encouraging motorists to use public transport, why wasn't the railway line re-opened for trains?
    Why do roads have to be closed for the duration of the project? e.g. Cymmer hill has been closed since the start of the project, yet they only worked on it for 1-2 weeks and since then it has remained one-way causing untold congestion - why can it not be re-opened?
    Why is there heavy plant using the street I live in when they have a few works access roads to choose from?
    Why are the employees of Costain and Walker Group driving the wrong way thru my street now that they've made it one-way?
    etc. etc. etc.

    Leighton Andrews said...

    If you email me at leighton.andrews@wales.gov.uk, and let me know your name and address, I can take these things up directly with Costains and the Council for you.

    In general terms, the road scheme has been planned for many years and there have been widespread public consultations on the route. The road development has been agreed as a priority by all the political parties in RCT.

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