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    23 May, 2006

    Field Archery not Field Sports!

    Glyncornel will be the setting for the 2008 World Field Archery Championships and I am hopeful that the Welsh Assembly Government will lend some support to this. I had a question on this in the Assembly last week - the Conservatives got a bit carried away, thinking it was about hunting!

    Q6 Leighton Andrews: What is the Minister doing to encourage field archery in Wales? OAQ0798(CWS)
    Alun Pugh: Support for archery in Wales is provided though the Sports Council for Wales, in consultation with the governing bodies of the sport. In the case of field archery, this involves the Welsh Field Archery Association.
    Leighton Andrews: As you are aware, the 2008 World Field Archery Championships are scheduled to be held in the Rhondda. The Pentref Bowmen have been in discussion with your department regarding support for this event. This will be a major opportunity to promote not only field archery, but the Rhondda, globally. I encourage you and your officials to support this event, as I am sure Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council will be doing.
    Alun Pugh: We support the event coming to the Rhondda. In terms of direct financial assistance, that will have to be evaluated against our criteria for supporting major events. It is true to say that this will generate additional bed nights in areas such as the Rhondda, which is good to see. We will have a further meeting. I understand that Jean Howells, the chair of the organising committee, met my officials earlier this week. We would want to take this on and we would take a supportive approach to negotiations.
    Alun Cairns: The Welsh Conservative Party is keen to support the World Field Archery Championships in the Rhondda, as we do all field sports, because they have an important part to play. Following the ban on hunting, will the Minister pledge his support for game shooting, which is another important field sport? Many of those participating in game shooting—
    The Presiding Officer: Order. I do not think that your question is in order. I stand to be corrected by some of my hunting friends, but I do not believe that archery is used to shoot game in Wales any more.
    Alun Cairns: With the greatest of respect, Presiding Officer, my question relates to field sports in general. I hope that the Minister would share my support of other field sports, such as shooting.
    The Presiding Officer: Order. The question refers specifically to field archery. Therefore, I stand by my ruling. It is not about general field sports, unless any Member can urgently show me that bows and arrows are still used in the pursuit of field sports.
    Alun Pugh: It is good to see the Conservatives supporting the principles of Robin Hood.

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