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    06 May, 2007

    Armchair pundits

    I wasn't that impressed with the so-called 'Welsh blogosphere' during the campaign.

    The Plaid candidate for Swansea West thought he was going to win. In the end he came fourth, and his blog disapeared overnight. He even seemed to persuade Vaughan he was winning, as well as this other Plaid blogger who also said they'd win Neath. Meanwhile Betsan wrongly told the world on telly and hinted on her blog there was a big story in Bridgend. There wasn't.

    Too many blogs, including this one, seemed more interested in gossip and rumour. When that spreads to the BBC, it's bad news. The Beeb should apply the same standards to its blogs as to the rest of its news coverage. I do agree with this one that the absence of competition in the Welsh news media gives more opportunity for bloggers, but having now caught up with some of the blogging from election night itself, it seems to have been largely based on rumours which were being broadcast on the mainstream media anyway. Welsh bloggers need better sources if they are going to make waves.

    I will miss this old blogger, though.

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