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    06 May, 2007

    Still a bit bleary-eyed

    I have had a fair amount of sleep over the past couple of days, but I still feel like I've got jet-lag.

    Several conversations with colleagues, including some of the very good colleagues we lost, about where we go next. But unlike the Welsh Lib Dems, we won't be rushing to judgements. I expect us to have a calm and mature discussion in our group on Tuesday.

    I agree with what my colleague Huw Lewis has said, that we need to review as a party what the election means for us, but I think that is for the medium term. Huw has put his finger on some of the issues. But full consideration requires deeper reflection than an immediate post-match analysis.

    Richard Wyn Jones and Roger Scully identified 25 seats as a 'bad but not dreadful' scenario for Welsh Labour in the Institute of Welsh Affairs rag publication, Agenda, recently. We got 26, so we did better than that. But we have a lot to think about, and we should take time to do that.

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