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    15 May, 2008

    Censorship exposed

    Good article by David Williamson in The Western Mail on the censorship issue.


    Anonymous said...

    Why have all but one of the comments I've ever posted on your blog been blocked.

    They weren't abusive, intemperate libellous or similarly unacceptable. All I have done is disagree with you.

    Freedom of speech only for AMs?

    David Walters

    Leighton Andrews said...

    I am glad you have raised this, as it gives me the opportunity to explain the difference between censorship and editorial judgement.

    I wrote to the Guardian the other day pointing out that they had mistakenly said a Tory councillor had been elected in the Rhondda. They did not publish my letter. I may be irritated that they didn't, but I don't regard the Guardian as censoring me. They have chosen not to publish my letter, which is an editorial matter for them.

    Freedom of the press includes the right of the press not to publish everything it is sent.

    The Commission, on the other hand, is trying to obstruct my work as an AM by setting arbitrary rules on what I may or may not publish on my official web-based communications. That is censorship.

    I do not publish every comment that is sent in. Sometimes because the comment is abusive, intemperate libellous or similarly unacceptable. Sometimes because it is boring, tendentious or the repetitive work of a party hack. Sometimes because it is far-removed from the original posting. That is my editorial judgement. Sorry if you don't like it.

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