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    27 March, 2005

    Welsh Connections

    I wasn't planning to post today, but Tom Watson MP's blog evoked a couple of thoughts. He posted on the sad death of Lord Callaghan and also on Dr Who. For someone born in Cardiff, both of these have connections of course.

    There are better and more meaningful tributes than I could give to Jim Callaghan by Welsh Labour leaders in Wales On Sunday today. My best memory of him was when in 1996 he pitched into the debate on keeping sports events on mainstream TV, when I was running the BBC's campaign to amend the Broadcasting Bill. Denis Howell had tabled an amendment for us with all-party backing. The Tories rolled out Willie Whitelaw to speak against, then Callaghan chipped in. His early opening words were pretty devastating, saying that you could always tell when the Conservatives were in trouble, as they would call on Lord Whitelaw. We went on to win with the second highest defeat for any government since the Second World War.

    The other Welsh reference is to Dr Who, now being made by BBC Wales, of course. I enjoyed last night's episode: it was witty and entertaining. There were a several scenes shot in Cardiff, though London landmarks dominated. I can remember the original Dr Who of course - and also when the Daleks came to Cardiff. It was 1964. I was 6 or maybe 7.

    Since then, of course, we had the news that Rhodri could have starred in an episode, which helped put the Assembly back in the UK news.


    Peter Black said...

    What happened to the Dalek photograph?

    Leighton Andrews said...

    You can find it here. I decided it wasn't appropriate for a post that was about Jim Callaghan as well as Dr who.

    Anyway, I thought you were on a blog-free holiday!

    Peter Black said...

    Only for a few days, Friday through to Sunday. Had too much to do to take any longer!

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